Be a cheerleader!

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How can I best help my child with school?

Be a cheerleader!

Parents don't have to be professors to help their children succeed in school.Today's students may have subjects that you never had or that you didn't like
when you were in school.

You can still help your children by praising their progress, getting help from teachers, or researching additional resources like the Homework Motivator and
Noble Learning Systems' other do better in school products…I know, shameless plug ;)

All kidding aside, never feel that you have to be an expert in a subject to help with homework. One of the best ways is to have your kids actually teach you!
Sounds crazy? Listen to this.

In most teacher training classes, they show what is called an inverted learning triangle. It lists methods of teaching and learning from the least to the most effective.

At the top (least effective) is lecturing! Next was only reading material (not very effective).

Then reading and listening together (so-so), then discussion (pretty good), then learn by doing (pretty darn good).

Finally at the bottom, lay the most effective, super duper, unbeatable way to learn material effectively…teaching others!

On a side note; when I became a teacher I actually mailed my old, boring lecture teachers a copy of this triangle…they were quite insulted. Ha, Ha!!

Most teachers really do want children to learn and want parents and families to be involved in their children's education. Stay in touch with your child's teacher, and they will also help and offer their own homework tips and ideas on how you
can help.

So don't be intimidated by AP Calculus, Honors Biology, or plain ole' English composition. Use the chance to bond with your kids, and have them show you
the ropes.



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