Turn it off! - How to deal with TV, Video Games, and Instant Messenger…

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How can I motivate my child?

Turn it off! - How to deal with TV, Video Games, and Instant Messenger…

Here's the big secret…Turn It Off!!

Children nowadays, on average spend far more time watching TV, playing video games, or instant messaging their friends, than they do doing
homework, studying, reading, or even playing sports!

This is bad news people. Although it's worth noting that all these things can be awesome learning tools, it is a must to lay down the law to your kids.

No TV, and No computer during homework time (unless something needs to be typed or researched of course). If they do need to use the computer give them a strict time deadline that will fit within their 10 minute per grade rule (See my other tips).

Some students can work with a radio or stereo on, while others must work in silence. This is one of the reasons our Homework Motivator program is only 10 minutes long.

If the student likes to work in silence, the short 10-minute program will get them going, then let them work in peace. If you have more than one child be sure
that they are all respectful of each other's tolerance for noise. (Headphones are great, and required for the Homework Motivator)

Again, set the house rules. Tell them why you have these rules (see Answer "Why?" tip), and make it clear to your children what you expect concerning time spent (see 10 minute rule tip), and usage of entertainment media (this tip!).

Again, I cover rewards and punishments on the bonus Tele-seminar CD that accompanies the Homework Motivator, but video games, TV, and computer
privileges should be exactly that…a privilege, not a right.



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