Dyslexia and Memory

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Can Dyslexic people have trouble remembering things they`ve recently learnt? Can they make mistakes with which buttons to press for example ona till or computer if they`ve recently been shown how?

Dyslexia and Memory

Dyslexia is the most common form of a learning disability. Memory problems are a common problem for people with Dyslexia. The main areas of concern for people with Dyslexia are as follows:

-Trouble sequencing things, putting a story in the proper order or putting sentences in the correct order.

-Poor auditory discrimination and memory. People with Dyslexia often times can't put letter sounds to words.

-Poor visual discrimination and memory. The person has trouble remember things shown them or things they have seen. Dyslexic people often can recognize a word, but when used in context, the word is unrecognizable to them.

-Poor short-term memory. People can't remember something they learned in the not too distant past.

-People with Dyslexia often have a good long-term memory for dates, faces, names and places.



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