Explore individual learning options.

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What about learning centers and private tutors?

Explore individual learning options.

The real problem with learning centers is that they don't teach kids how to be independent learners. By holding their hand for 1, 2, 3 years (or more), kids learn to depend on them. Parents don't generally mind because yes, their kids are getting better grades. That is until 11th, 12th and their first year of college, when students and parents realize that they didn't learn how to learn!

Almost 3/4 of the people who write to me are parents and students who have already spend over $10,000 on private tutors and learning centers. Learning centers and private tutors are totally inexperienced in helping students learn the skills to learn what they're teaching. As an adult, you know that “learning to learn” is even more important than learning the specific A, B, C's of whatever you're studying. When you know how to learn, you can tackle any subject with confidence and success.

By simply “re-teaching” material, learning centers and tutors are ramming information down your child's throat, instead of teaching them how to feed themselves knowledge.

Explore and use software, videos, CDs, etc. to enhance your child's sence of self learning.



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