The magic comebacků

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How can I help my child with homework?

The magic comebacků

But Mom…I already finished my homework. I don't have any homework this weekend Dad….See ya later!

Remember my 10 minutes per grade level tip? You must make studying, not just homework, a daily habit.

Students can always review lessons, read a book, or work on practice exercises during homework time, even if they don't have homework.

Ask younger children to show you their homework so that you can check it, sign it, and date it. Teachers like to see that adults have checked their kid's
homework. If your child's school has a homework hotline or website, check for daily assignments.

Don't ask your children if they have homework each night, assume that they always have homework or studying to do.

Ok, the magic comeback…

You come home from work, or wherever during the established homework time. Suddenly you hear machine gun fire and laser beams in the living room followed
by a cheer and laughter. When you walk in the living room and give the “what do you think your doing mister” line to your son, he gleefully replies, “I don't have any homework tonight” and turns back to his video game.

What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!!

Here's what…

Say casually “Ok, just do me a favor and pause the game a second, (or mute the TV, or come inside, or whatever it takes to have your child look at you), I
want to ask you something. ( My "Why?" tip)

Then, when you have their undivided attention, let them see you look at your watch and say, “ Your teacher didn't give the class any homework? I'll be sure to call your principal tomorrow and tell him/her that your teacher is not following the schools homework rule of 10 minutes per grade level per night. Boy is she/he in trouble!” Then walk out of the room.

Maybe not immediately, but in less than an hour I will bet you a truckload of money, that your kid will have turned off the game (or stopped whatever they
were doing) and is now doing some sort of school work…and making sure you see that they are doing some school work.

Pretty funny, right? I have been teaching parents this comeback ever since I saw an Olympic Judo Team captain say something similar to get her team to
have an extra practice. It's funny how much school and athletics have in common. But that's a topic for another time.

Try the magic comeback the next time your kid pulls the “I don't have any homework” line and see how it works for you. I would love to hear from you. I
have a collection of over 5000 emails from parents who have used this technique with successful results. After you use it, email me at with your story.

Just be warned…sometimes you may actually have to call the teacher. (never call the principal. Most just yes you to death and don't do squat about it) If you have followed my other tips, then you and your child's teacher already are a world championship tag-team.

Explain that jr. has been telling you that there has not been any or much homework; can we challenge him//her some more?



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