Using Your Computer for Better Grades

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How can I make homework easier?

Using Your Computer for Better Grades

Your word processor can help you get better grades if you use these tips:

1. Always use your spell and grammar check
2. Don't rely on spell check to get the right words. Homonyms and other words can be spelled right but used wrong!
3. Use a 12 size and an easy to read font, like Times, for most assignments.
4. Use the preset margins and indents for general use. Only change if your teacher makes that part of an assignment.
5. Use black for term papers. Onloy use different colors for words if you are making a poster or some other kind of creative work.
6. Use the bold and italics for your references, following your teacher's guidelines.
7. Spice up your papers with inserted pictures and clipart if your teacher allows it. Make sure the inserts are directly related to your subject.
8. Be sure to add page numbers if there is more than one page.
9. Use the help button to learn how to do new things.



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