Word Processing for Beginners

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Ho w can I make homework more fun?

Word Processing for Beginners

(this tip is for younger students)

Using a computer to write is fun and easy. And you can make what you write look awesome!

Start by writing your paper. Maybe you have to write about your dog. Tell something general about your dog, like why you think your dog is the best dog on your street. Then tell some details like what kind of dog you have, what it looks like, and how you got your dog. You might say something funny, like what your dog does that isn't so wonderful.

After you have your paper written, then you can make it loook good. Use the spell checker. Then you can use the format menu or the tool buttons to change the way your paper looks.

Make the letter size a 12 or 14. Use bold for the title. Underline any book titles. Use italics to show off something. Change the color of words to be creative.

Have fun with your computer. It can help you write better.



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